Berlin! Best Restaurants and the Coolest things to do

Berlin is one of the coolest places that you can visit in the entire world. It’s very different, but also a lot of fun and you can easily immerse yourself in the outstanding allure of the city, great music, art and so on. If you know when did the Berlin wall fall, you know that the city was split for quite some time. Yet since then, things have been nothing but good for Berlin, and now it’s an amazing metropolis with lots of things to do and places to check out.

Coolest things to do in Berlin Brandenburg Gate

Visit the Brandenburg Gate

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate has become an iconic symbol of peace and it continues to stand out as one of the best things you can check out right now. It’s a great landmark and it offers outstanding ways to check out the city at your own pace.

Berlin Tower Sunset

Berlin TV tower

The Berlin TV Tower is the largest building in the city. It’s tall, visually stunning and going up there will give an amazing perspective of the city itself. There’s also a restaurant up there too, which gives a great view. So you should totally check it out as it’s very interesting and quite different.

Museum Island

One of the Berlin things to do that a lot of people love here is certainly visiting the Museum island. There are multiple museums on the small island, more specifically the Neues Museum, Altes Museum, Alte National, Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum. All of these are glorious and just a pleasure to check out. That’s why we recommend you to check them out for yourself as they are some of the best museums in the country.

East Side Gallery

Art lovers will notice that one of the best Berlin things to do is to browse the East Side Gallery paintings. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to view thousands of amazing pieces from all over the globe. You will appreciate the tremendous quality that they provide and the value itself is very impressive for what you can get here. You just have to check it out.

Visit the Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral or Berliner Dom is a neo-renaissance building created around 100 years ago. It’s a wonderful place to check out especially if you love local history, and a lot of people will enjoy it because it has a wonderful architectural style and some really impressive ideas. You do want to at least give it a shot for yourself, as it’s unique and extremely different from what you usually know.

Check the best restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is widely known for the fact that it has some amazing food out there. In fact, you will notice you can find some really good restaurants like Skykitchenb, Bierberday, Tim Raue, Zur Haxe, Cedre Blanc, Ristorante a Mano, Salamat, and many others. It’s important to find the best restaurants in Berlin-based on what type of food you like. There’s pretty much something for everyone here, so you just have to pick what you like the most and just enjoy it. This can lead to a really good experience and that’s what you want.

Free walking tours

There are many free walking tours in Berlin. They are provided by a lot of different tour guides and they do have some paid components. But if you want to view the city through the eyes of locals and enjoy some really interesting places, you may want to check these tours out. It’s a great way to obtain a local feel for Berlin and you rarely get to enjoy such a thing in any other way, which is something to keep in mind for sure.

Check Point Charlie

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Check Point Charlie became a great place to visit. This was a famous crossing point between the two parts of Germany. Now it’s nothing more than a tourist spot, but it’s still a great place to explore and you will totally enjoy it. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to check it out, as it’s extremely interesting and fun.

Park Inn Hotel base flying

You can find lots of cool activities in Berlin, but base flying from the top of the Park Inn Hotel is really interesting. This is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also rather extreme. Either way, it’s a really nice and fun activity that you should totally check it out.

Tiergarten park

Visiting the Tiergarten park is a great idea if you want a more low-key, simplistic way to enjoy your time in Berlin. You can view a variety of different animals, and the Zoo is close to the park too. So you can have a really good time here, which is exactly why you may want to check this out for yourself and enjoy the experience.

Charlottenburg Palace

You will find many extraordinary places that really stand out in Berlin and the Charlottenburg Palace is definitely one of them. This palace is 300 years old and you will find it incredibly ornate and a great recreation of the old times. It’s just visually impressive and just a pleasure to explore, which is why you may want to give it a try.

Abandoned airport tour

The abandoned airport in Berlin is very interesting, it offers an amazing insight into the 20th-century history for the city and it’s also nice to see how this building looks after so many decades of not being used.

One thing is certain, Berlin is full of exciting places to explore and things to do. You just need to check it out for yourself and you will find it a lot of fun to enjoy. Plus, the best part about Berlin is that it’s incredibly interesting, unique and full of activities for you to explore. We recommend you give it a try and in the end, it will be well worth your time. It’s also varied enough to offer you a great time no matter what you enjoy!

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