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Yaatree is the Hindi word for travelers. While we were making our blog we were also preparing for our trip to Rajasthan India. This has inspired us to give our blog an appropriate name in Hindi. Follow us to discover the coolest, kindest and most beautiful places in the world.

we help you with tips & good deals

Flights & transportation

Let us help you find the best deals on your flights. We will also provide you tips on the best or most fun ways of transport to your new destination.

the best food

Trying new food is essential for us during travels. Let us share our best restaurant and street food experiences with you. Hopefully you will enjoy it the way we did.

best places to stay

The coolest places to stay are not always the most expensive ones. Find out where we stayed on our trips and what our recommendations are for your destination.

sights & attractions

We help you cross the must see places of your list. For some of the paid sights we are able to get you a good deal on the price for admission tickets.

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